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100 Not Out

posted on 13 Sep 2015 at 2:04 am

ImmaterialI don’t often use cricketing metaphors, but today it seems appropriate. My 100th story, “Immaterial Progress”, just came out. Published in Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine, it marks a milestone I never thought I’d reach 26 years ago when I dropped out of uni to be a writer. It’s also a Twinmaker story that charts the evolution of an urban myth from the very birth of d-mat itself, which seems appropriate. You can buy it here.

To show you what a list of 100 stories looks like (and to show off a bit as well), here’s a list of all my published stories to date, from latest to earliest, with the places they first appeared. Huge thanks to all the editors, readers and collaborators who have helped along the way: you are too many to list, but never forgotten or unappreciated. Specific thanks to Chris Masters for the first, and Simon Petrie for the last – so far.

(Somewhere there’s a list of all the stories that didn’t get published. Another day, perhaps.)

“Immaterial Progress” – Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine
“Tales About Today My Great-great-granddaughter Will Tell” – Daily SF
“The Dark Matters” – Galaxy’s Edge
“This Empire’s Son” – Perilous Adventures
“A Giant Leap for a Man” – Antipodean SF
“The View from the End of the World” – Allen & Unwin
“Murdering Miss Deboo” – Cosmos
solaris_rising_3_250x384“The Legend Trap” – Kaleidoscope
“The Tyranny of Distance” – SQ Mag
“I, Q” – Allen & Unwin
“Incomplete No.7” – Reviews of Australian Fiction
“Tailgate Fume” – Seizure
“The Beholders” – Beauty
“The Mashup” – Solaris Rising 3
“Deconstructing Decompression” – Twinmaker
“Zero Temptation” – Jump
“Death and the Hobbyist” – Lightspeed
“Face Value” – Lightspeed
Armored-MM“The Missing Metatarsals” – Cosmos
“The Rise, and Fall, of Neologopolis” – Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine
“The N-Body Solution” – Armored
“The Mirror in the Middle of the Maze” – Trust Me Too
“This Magical Life” – 100 Stories for Queensland
“The Jade Woman of the Luminous Star” – Ghosts by Gaslight
“The Spark (A Romance in Four Acts)” – Dreamtime: Legends of Australian Fantasy
“A Glimpse of the Marvellous Structure (and the Threat It Entails)” – Godlike Machines
“Ungentle Fire” – The Dragon Book: Magical Tales from the Masters of Modern Fantasy
“The Inevitable” – New Space Opera 2
“The Haunted Earth” – Hope
“A Longing for the Dark” – Terra Incognita
GhostsByGaslight“Midnight at the Café of the Black Madonna” – Destination: Prague
“Signs of Death” – Light Bodies Falling.
“The Seventh Letter” – The Bulletin
“Dying for Air” – Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine
“Night of the Dolls” – Elemental
“The Magic Dirt Experiment” – Mitch? 4: Slow Dancing Through Quicksand: Short Stories from Aussie Writers Who Should Know Better
“The End of the World Begins At Home” – Borderlands
“Or Die Trying” – Star Wars: Insider
“The Trilerbe Dulciftify” – Visions
“The Goggle” – Antipodean SF
“Hunting Ground” – Southern Blood
“The Butterfly Merchant” – Agog! Terrific Tales
“The Girl-Thing” – eidolon.net
“Team Sharon” – Mitch? 3: Hacks to the Max
destinationprague_big“Nightmare” – aurealisXpress
“On this Rock” – Mitch? 2: Tarts of the New Millennium
“The Land Itself” – Eidolon
“Ghost of a Day” – Swancon 25
“Evermore” – Altair
Atrax” – New Adventures in Sci-Fi
“Dark Gardens” – New Adventures in Sci-Fi
“Rare Justice” – Swancon 24
“Dying for Air” – Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine
“(untitled)” – Adelaide Advertiser Weekend
Entre les Beaux Morts en Vie” – Dreaming Down-Under
“Hollow Men” – Twenty3
“The Truth in Advertising” – Cannibals of the Fine Light
“The Masque of Agamemnon.” Eidolon
“Love & Mandarins” – Eidolon
NewSpaceOperaPB - full“The Freezing of Sarah” – Bloodsongs
“A View Before Dying” – Eidolon
“Dissolution Days” – Eidolon
“Passing the Bone” – Eidolon
“Salvation” – Eidolon
“The Perfect Gun” – Eidolon
“A Map of the Mines of Barnath” – Eidolon
“On the Road to Tarsus” – Eidolon
“New Flames for an Old Love” – Doorway to Eternity
“Reluctant Misty & the House on Burden Street” – Doorway to Eternity
“Doorway to Eternity” – Doorway to Eternity
“Cold Sleep, Cold Dreams” – Alien Shores
“The Soap Bubble” – Alien Shores
THE DRAGON BOOK“The Jackie Onassis Swamp-Buggy Concerto” – Eidolon
“The Wedding of the Millennium, Part 2: The Barren Heart” – Daarke Worlde
“Mary’s Blood” – Bloodsongs
“The Wedding of the Millennium, Part 1: The Twain” – Daarke Worlde
“Ghosts of the Fall” – Writers of the Future
“Reunion” – Eidolon
“White Christmas“ – Eidolon
“Goddess of Stone” – The Mentor
“Going Nowhere” – Intimate Armageddons
“Looking Forward, Looking Back” – The Mentor
“The Blink” – Canberra SF Society Newsletter
“In the Eye of the Octopus” – Eidolon
“Heartbreak Hotel” – The Mentor
“Crossed Lines” – Daarke Worlde
MAGIC DIRT edit“Tourist” – Aurealis
“The Nightmare Stars” – HongCon92
“The Third & Final Death of Ronald Saw” – Canberra SF Society Newsletter
“Woman’s Revenge” – EOD Magazine
“The Darkest Night” – TLS
“Robbery, Assault & Battery” – Nemesis
“Traffic” – Eidolon
“The Leaf” – Dragon’s Whisper
“Twist of the Knife” – EOD Magazine
“Light Bodies Falling” – Aurealis
“The Stuff of Dreams (& Far Stranger Things)” – Canberra SF Society Newsletter
“Burglar Alarm” – EOD Magazine
“Playing Radio” – EOD Magazine

BTW: The image of the dollar note is the old Australian $100, which I still mourn. Douglas Mawson was way cool. (Sorry.)

100 Mawson