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  • Artefacts 1 - edited
    "Artefact: Ant Attack"
    released November 2015
    A short work commissioned for the 2015 Ruby Awards, consisting of text on a black wall that was painted over in fluorescent paint by South Australian artist Thom Buchanan. Click here for the full text and photos.
    November 2015
    "Imperiousness inspires insolence; incoherence, deliquescence. Effervescence. Luminescence."
    Age: 12+
  • Cabinet of Oddities - edited 2
    released October 2015
    Originally called "Measure (Meant (Measurement))". Text of a musical work written by Sam van Betuw for Cabinet of Oddities, premiered October 2015. Repeat performances at 2016 Melbourne Fringe. Program art by Kathleen Jennings.
    October 2015
    "The future of us. You can see it coming like a funhouse mirror rushing closer, ever closer, strapped to the front of a speeding train."
    Age: 12+
  • open_changes_poster_print_12.11_1024x1024
    "No Solace Among Others"
    released November 2014
    This was a fun exercise, as part of the Open Changes multi-remixing project. My effort was eventually published on the "story tree" poster, the image attached to this page. You can find my text in the comments on Week 8 Line 4 by following this link, or here on the Final Remixes page.
    November 2014
    Age: 12+
  • ASIM 50 - smaller
    "The Rise, and Fall, of Neologopolis"
    released 2011
    Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine

    Andromeda Spaceways In-Flight Magazine 50, April 2011.

    (This is my attempt at an eight-word short story. And it rhymes!)

    Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine
    Age: 12+
  • Print
    released 2010
    A short poem written for Alisa Krasnostein and published in the collection Sprawl.
    Age: 10+
  • tadpoles in the torrens invite - full
    "Reflections on Water"
    released 2010
    This is a work commissioned by the Adelaide Zoo and the Environmental Institute at Adelaide University as part of the inaugural Adelaide Water Forum, the theme of which was "water is life". The work is a recoding of multiple voices combined with sound-effects that form the backbone of a soundscape welcoming visitors as they visit the zoo. You can see the full text here, and an early version here. Now available in published form in Tadpoles in the Torrens from Wakefield Press.
    "Our words dance on wavetops like birds but our music taps a deeper current still--as the river, always downhill"
    Age: 8+
  • through the clock's workings
    "Dreamless: Super-Villanelle Dub Mix" and "Dreamless: Super-Villanelle Dub Alternate Mix"
    released 2009

    Through the Clock’s Workings (Sydney University Press), Ed. Amy Barker

    These are remixes of Kim Wilkins's short story "Dreamless", inspired by Remix My Lit.

    Age: 12+
  • tangledbank
    "The Origin of Haiku by Means of Natural Selection, or The Preservation of Favoured Renga in the Struggle for Meaning"
    released 2009
    Tangled Bank Press
    The Tangled Bank (Tangled Bank Press), November 2009, Ed. Chris Lynch This is a chapter-by-chapter haiku remix of Charles Darwin's famous book. And here's an interview in which I talk about it.
    Tangled Bank Press
    "vigorous, healthy, happy / birds and beasts of prey / death is generally prompt"
    Age: 12+
  • blank - text 2
    "Daikaiju Limericks"
    released 2007

    Giant Monstrous Limerick Competition Prizewinner

    Not a terribly serious publication, but poetry nonetheless! More in the comments to the original contest post. This came second for "creative abuse of the English language":

    She cried, “Look out there. I see Mothra!”
    From the bed he sighed, “I can't be bothred.
    With monsters gargantuan,
    from King Ghidorah to Rodan,
    this city is perpetually smothred.”


    Giant Monstrous Limerick Competition Prizewinner

    Age: 15+
  • Consensual 3 large
    released 2005

    Consensual A Trois, eds. Cathy Cupitt, Stephen Dedman and Elaine Kemp

    (published anonymously)

    Age: 18+
  • daikaiju_cover
    "Daihaiku" and "Haikaiju"
    released 2005
    Ticonderoga (Australia)

    Magic Dirt: The Best of Sean Williams, 2008, Ed. Russell B Farr (Ticonderoga)

    Daikaiju! Giant Monster Tales, March 2005, Eds. Robert Hood & Robin Pen (Agog! Press) (first publication)

    A popular performance piece, this poems combine the very small and the very large: haiku and giant monsters.

    Ticonderoga (Australia)

    "Poetry is not what I would automatically link to daikaiju stories, and poetry from a best-selling fantasy author such as Sean Williams for some reason seemed even less likely. Yet Williams has provided some delightful haiku poems that even caught the attention of a non-appreciator of poetry such as myself. The combination of this Japanese art form with the Japanese-inspired monsters complemented the collection nicely." (Internet Review of SF)

    Age: 12+
  • eternity
    released 2000

    Sydney Writers' Festival Haiku Competition Winner

    Joint winner of the inaugural Sydney Writers' Festival haiku competition, this haiku was displayed on giant banners across the city of Sydney and printed on a pair of Y-fronts.


    Sydney Writers' Festival Haiku Competition Winner

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