Sean Williams
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  • "Dr Williams's Big Bad Dad Joke Word Search Puzzle"
    released 2019
    Allen & Unwin
    Exactly what the title says! Coming soon in the Funny Bones charity anthology for kids of all ages.
    Allen & Unwin
    Age: 8+
  • "Impossible Music" (novella)
    released October 2017
    An excerpt from my forthcoming mainstream novel of the same name, about a musician who goes deaf - out now in Review of Australian Fiction. The novel itself will be published in 2019.
    October 2017
    "The last words I ever heard were my mother telling me to turn my music off and go to sleep, which wasn’t unreasonable, it being a Wednesday and she having to work early the next day. Mum crunches numbers in an office for a living. Statistics and other things I don’t understand, although I like that she has in her head a seemingly inexhaustible supply of facts and figures, like the odds of drowning in the bath (1/685,000) or the number of states, counties and townships named after George Washington (103). She scatters them like punctuation marks across nights when my sister and I are home, probably because they’re more likely to get a reaction than the things she’d rather tell us, such as number of children (2), love (infinite)."
    Age: 12+
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