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  • NAISF cover
    New Adventures in Sci-Fi
    released 1999
    Ticonderoga (Australia)

    Ditmar Award Winner

    (Contents: "A Map of the Mines of Barnath", "Reluctant Misty & the House on Burden Street", "The Jackie Onassis Swamp-Buggy Concerto", "White Christmas", "Entre les Beaux Morts en Vie", "Passing the Bone", "The Soap Bubble", "Dark Gardens", "Atrax", "Going Nowhere" and "Ghosts of the Fall" (revised version))

    Ticonderoga (Australia)

    Ditmar Award Winner

    "Sean Williams' first full-length collection is aptly named. Since starting his career in the early 1990s, Williams has systematically learned his chosen trade by exploring the tropes and traditions of the SF field, ultimately working towards developing his own distinctive voice and vision ... New Adventures In Sci-Fi showcases the variety of work that Williams has published in the past decade, and emphasises the increasing depth and maturity of that work. If there is a feeling that only better lies ahead, it is because of the progression made clear in these pages. Anyone wanting to understand science fiction in Australia in the 1990s needs this book. Highly recommended."  (Locus)

    Age: 15+
  • The Subjects 070 - cover edit
    Bonus Twinmaker Stories
    released 2015
    There are lots of stories set in the Twinmaker universe, and more on the way. Some of them aren't listed here. Go to this page for a full, constantly updating list. Art by Thom Buchanan
    Age: 15+
  • Go - cover 2
    Go (Twinmaker)
    released August 2015
    August 2015
    "Teleporters, transporters, transmat - whatever you call them, matter transmitters can be dangerous. That's the truth that Star Trek has been hiding all these years. The following stories will demonstrate why people and d-mat just don't play well together, via urban myths set in the Twinmaker universe."
    Age: 12+
  • matterpunk - cover 2
    Matterpunk (Twinmaker)
    released August 2015
    A collection of Twinmaker short stories available for free on Wattpad.
    August 2015
    "Transporters, teleporters, transmat - they offer a whole lot more than just moving people around or turning people into The Fly. Each of these stories shows a different aspect of this amazing invention, from the wondrous to the horrific, or the just plain weird."
  • MAGIC DIRT edit
    Magic Dirt: The Best of Sean Williams
    released 2008
    Ticonderoga (Australia)

    Aurealis Award Winner

    Over 132,000 words of the best fiction by best-selling writer Sean Williams.

    (Contains "Ghosts of the Fall" (revised version), "A Map of the Mines of Barnath", "White Christmas", "The Soap Bubble", "Reluctant Misty & the House on Burden Street", "A View Before Dying", "The End of the World Begins at Home", "Entre les Beaux Morts en Vie", "Passing the Bone", "Atrax", "Evermore", "Rare Justice", "Team Sharon", "The Butterfly Merchant", "The Girl-Thing", "The Magic Dirt Experiment", "Night of the Dolls", and "The Seventh Letter" plus notes on every story and an introduction by John Harwood.)

    Purchase here.

    Ticonderoga (Australia)

    Aurealis Award Winner

    Age: 15+
  • light bodies - full
    Light Bodies Falling
    released 2007
    Altair (Australia)

    (Contents: The Jackie Onassis Swamp-Buggy Concerto", "Ghosts of the Fall", (revised version), "Going Nowhere", "A View Before Dying", "New Flames for an Old Love", "On the Road to Tarsus", "Light Bodies Falling", "Dissolution Days", "Signs of Death" (original), "Love and Mandarins", "Mary's Blood", "In the Eye of the Octopus", "The Land Itself".)

    Altair (Australia)

    "Science fiction is at its best in the short form. And it is here that Sean Williams excels. He is a high-wire act, intense, sharp-edged, and not for the faint-hearted."  (Jack McDevitt)

  • AVBD cover trimmed
    A View Before Dying
    released 1998
    Ticonderoga (Australia)

    Imagine you could teleport to anywhere in the world.  A common procedure, guaranteed totally safe.

    All you need is the right money, the right job, or the right software.

    So how can anything go wrong?

    (Contents:  "New Flames for an Old Love", "A View Before Dying" and "On the Road to Tarsus".)

    Ticonderoga (Australia)

    "Although he is a relative newcomer, Williams has been creating some of the most imaginative science fiction in the field in the past few years. And this chapbook ... is an excellent illustration of his fertile and febrile vision ... [This is] Sean Williams at his finest and, perhaps, his most menacing, but definitely at his peak. A View Before Dying is spell-binding, horrifying, and dazzling."  (SF Site)

  • Doorway cover
    Doorway to Eternity
    released 1994
    MirrorDanse (Australia)

    Three never-before-published novelettes by Australia's rising young SF writer.

    Marcus de Barrow wants to save the world, while his ex-lover becomes more and more terrified.

    Beth can't stop herself from visiting an old Adelaide house only she can see.

    Amanda Carmichael's daughter wreaks havoc on the interior of their house, night after night, until Amanda has no choice but to call for help.

    (Contents: "New Flames for an Old Love", "Reluctant Misty & the House on Burden Street" and"Doorway to Eternity)

    MirrorDanse (Australia)

    "In the debut title for MirrorDanse Books, versatile Adelaide writer does creditable turns on some best-loved genres themes ... Williams' work, deservedly, has started to gain overseas recognition, and the two short stories and novella in [Doorway to Eternity] do show a top new Aussie talent at work."  (The Australian Weekend Review)

Book Contents
NAISF cover

(Contents: “A Map of the Mines of Barnath”, “Reluctant Misty & the House on Burden Street”, “The Jackie Onassis Swamp-Buggy Concerto”, “White Christmas”, “Entre les Beaux Morts en Vie“, “Passing the Bone”, “The Soap Bubble”, “Dark Gardens”, “Atrax“, “Going Nowhere” and “Ghosts of the Fall” (revised version))

Ticonderoga (Australia)