Sean Williams

The Month of Mystery

posted on 10 Apr 2013 at 2:29 am

. . . Troubletwisters: The Mystery, that is. (Also known as The Mystery of the Golden Card.)

I’ll be doing various things in various places, some with and some without the excellent Garth Nix. There are also some bonus events that aren’t specifically Troubletwisters-focused, but I’m sure the books will come up.

Here’s where I’ll be:

April 18 – Dymocks Burnside, Adelaide (3pm)

April 24 – Paperchain, Canberra (4pm)

April 25-28 – Conflux, Canberra (the Australian National SF Convention)

Friday, 12.30-1.25pm – Young Adult Fiction Explosion
Friday, 5.00-5.55pm – MT Promises (if you’re interested in hearing about my PhD, this is for you)
Friday, 9.00-9.55pm – Kissing in Space
Saturday, 12.30-1.25pm – Female Leads–are they hogging the gender divide?

April 30 – Kinokuniya, Sydney (5.30pm)

May 4 – Burnside Library (1pm )

May 10 – Collins Edwardstown, Adelaide (1pm)

May 11 – Dymocks Rundle Mall, Adelaide (11am)

June 1 – BEA, New York (11.30am)

I know that’s more than a month, but what the hey. Come if you can! It’s always wonderful to see friendly faces when I’m out and about.