Sean Williams

ARMORED (and) ready to roll

posted on 27 Mar 2012 at 5:06 am

Okay, it’s here at last. Armored, John Joseph Adams’s latest collection, is on the shelves, and I’ve got a story in it. In fact, I have the last story in it, which makes me very happy. Coming last in an anthology isn’t like coming last in a race–in fact, traditionally, it’s more the opposite–and as this was my first new SF story for a while I am excited it’s found such a happy home. (I am ignoring the possibility that JJA simply put us in alphabetically. . . no, wait, Christie Yant’s in here, too. So yippee!)

Anyway, here’s the brief:

Imagine power armored warriors battling at the bottom of the sea, or on nightmarish alien worlds, or in the darkest depths of space. Imagine armor that’s as smart as you are, armor that might keep on fighting even after you’re no longer willing … or able.
The possibilities are endless, but some facts remain constant: The soldier of the future will be fast. The soldier of the future will be deadly. The soldier of the future will be ARMORED.

What’s not to love? Power armor. Power armor. It’s the ultimate SF toy, right? My story’s called “The N-Body Solution” and it’s full of fun stuff. The collection’s promotional site includes sample stories (mine’s not one of them) and interviews with the authors (mine is here). You want to buy this book. It’s awesome. Charge up and get to it!

(Cover art by Kurt Miller.)