Sean Williams

Earth Ascendant

posted on 12 Aug 2011 at 10:59 pm

Gary Reynolds has revamped his already awesome Concept Sci-Fi site, in the process making Earth Ascendant the book of the month for December. He also reviewed it, saying nice things like: “Earth Ascendant is one of the best space opera releases of 2008. It is well-written, enjoyable and leaves you wanting to find out what happens next! Roll on book three!

The legendary Matthew Tait also reviewed Earth Ascendant, this time over at HorrorScope: “…Earth Ascendant is a remarkably good ride. The prose is how first-rate space opera should be: lyrical, philosophical and poetic. … Truly unexpected villains greet us toward the conclusion as the story runs riot with Doppelgangers, parasites, and a broken higher intelligence. The third in the series, The Grand Conjunction, promises to be an epic thrill ride tapering off a remarkable journey that might well be the author’s greatest achievement.”