Sean Williams

Star Wars

posted on 12 Aug 2011 at 11:21 pm
The nominations for the annual Scribe Award have been announced, and I’m very pleased to see Star Wars:The Force Unleashed II on the list. Presented by the International Association of Media Tie-in Writers, the awards acknowledge excellence in

Castle of the Zombies

posted on at 11:18 pm
“…a fast-paced and inventive ride. Williams keeps the story moving expertly, and Nial O’Connor’s energetic illustrations add to the fun and lighthearted feel. This is a quick and exciting read for primary school readers.” (Australian Bo

The Grand Conjunction

posted on at 11:08 pm
The first review of The Grand Conjunction has hit the screens, thanks to Liviu Suciu at Fantasy Book Critic.  I was a bit nervous at first (I’m not often called “audacious and unconventional”, like it’s a good thing) but it w


posted on at 11:06 pm
Mark Chitty of Hub reviewed Saturn Returns in its latest issue, concluding: “a great Space Opera novel… Highly recommended.”BBC Focus thought Earth Ascendant “admirably rich and baroque, bringing to mind Iain M. Banks’s

Earth Ascendant

posted on at 10:59 pm
Gary Reynolds has revamped his already awesome Concept Sci-Fi site, in the process making Earth Ascendant the book of the month for December. He also reviewed it, saying nice things like: “Earth Ascendant is one of the best space opera releases

The Scarecrow

posted on at 10:56 pm
Bookseller + Publisher liked The Scarecrow, months ahead of its release: “everything you would expect from a good YA book [but] also quite different from most of its contemporaries. … There is something in this series for both reluctant a

The Hanging Mountains

posted on 25 Jul 2011 at 11:33 pm
“The Hanging Mountains has something of the decaying uncertainty of the fantasy novels of China Mieville and James Lovegrove. Since it is the third book in a series of four novels–which themselves follow an earlier trilogy–there is

The Blood Debt

posted on at 11:31 pm
“South Australian writer Sean Williams has been deeply ensconced in his Austral fantasy land for some years now, but his latest book is his clearest vision of the place. It is as though it has been gradually emerging as Williams writes, and now