Sean Williams

The Scarecrow

posted on 12 Aug 2011 at 10:56 pm

Bookseller + Publisher liked The Scarecrow, months ahead of its release: “everything you would expect from a good YA book [but] also quite different from most of its contemporaries. … There is something in this series for both reluctant and confident readers.” The review talked about the positive relationship between characters (“sometimes confused, often frightened but never pathetic”), magic (“another positive point of difference”) and landscape, which Black also touched on in its review of the previous book in the series: “A short novel that will appeal to a broad spectrum of readership, The Dust Devils is Sean Williams tapping into the naive youngling in all of us. The villains presented here are the stuff of nightmares, and hold up to the strangest dangers being presented in fiction, today. But more appealing is the landscape itself, a scarred wasteland where not only Dust Devils lay in wait for the hapless traveler. The book bristles with a faint gothic undertone reminiscent of his grandest Space Opera…”