Sean Williams

Let Sleeping Dragons Lie

posted on 2 Nov 2018 at 10:58 am

Out now! The further adventures of two unlikely young knights as they and their magic swords battle beasties, brutes and bullies on a quest to save the kingdom. You can read reviews of the first book in the series here (“filled with action and humor”, “swashbucking adventure”, “challenges the gender norms”, “laugh-out-loud”, “highly recommended” – you get the idea!) Garth and I have just got back from a three-country tour that involved readings, dueling and handcrafted armor giveaways. It, like the books, was hugely enjoyable.

Edited to add new reviews from New Statesmen (‘a lovely comic adventure that has dragons, knights, a quest and all that adventure-lovers of 9+ would love’) and Glam Adelaide (‘well-written and will appeal to kids around 8-12 years old but it would also be a great story for bedtime for younger ones too’).

You can buy Let Sleeping Dragons Lie and first instalment Have Sword, While Travel anywhere fun books are sold.

Also available as an audio book, read by the stellar Marisa Calin.

Oh, and there are trailers, because they’re fun too!



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