Sean Williams

Ants Attack the Ruby Awards

posted on 16 Dec 2015 at 4:16 am

2015 will be remembered as the year fluourescent insects invaded the annual party held to celebrate artistic achievement in South Australia.

It began with a massive poem/word jam (by me) painted on a black wall, then artist Thom Buchanan took over, working in paint he couldn’t even see until the darklights turned on.

Below you’ll find the text plus some images of the work as it unfolded throughout the night. (If you click on the pictures you’ll enjoy much improved quality.) Enjoy!


No, the art stance. Sown in absence. Sans ambiance. A dalliance in transience. (Trance-y ants own fancy pants.) Insipience. Intransigence. Sic transit, gents, viz intelligence: sentience vs. common sense. Comma sentries or cognoscenti?


Impertinent, are we? Argumentative and competitive? A con-temple-ative perspective receptive to the deceptively repetitive sedative negative. Genesis, not nemesis, we apprentices to incredulous are contortionists disproportionate. Impermanent. Sermon on the firmament breeds army (ants) and armaments, not artefacts arduous.


Imperiousness inspires insolence; incoherence, deliquescence. Effervescence. Luminescence. Lemon essence and instantaneous, spontaneous, nebulous radiance. Its alias: extraneous. Evidence? Endless, of resonance. Raison d’ance. (Redundantants.)


Repugnance and reluctance aren’t ineluctable, intractable, but are incompatible with the answer. Fools? Laughter in the schools of the tools where reason rules and rhyming fails and the semblance of insolence is intolerance and inturbulence. Inordinance.


Recognisance: a death sentence by attendance. No dependence! Faux acceptance! Let transcendence be vengeance be ascendance be essence be … sense. Defence against the rest. Go intense. Make nonsense not “best practice”. (Ants are the best.) Bless.

 (The final picture is the only one I have of the completed work. The work itself no longer exists. The wall was dismantled the next day.)

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