Sean Williams

The Old Republic: Fatal Alliance (still getting some love)

posted on 17 Dec 2011 at 11:05 pm

Character depth is a go—dive, dive, diveThe thing that made Fatal Alliance a truly good read, though, was Williams’ characters. For characters who are essentially one-shot characters for these novels, Williams brought an astonishing level of depth and complexity to them. . . . In addition to the Jedi and Sith extremes, I enjoyed the character development of the undercover operative[:] it is very interesting to see how the operative’s focus and goals shift from one political spectrum to another—and from there to sheer survival. Throw in a possible romantic relationship, and this character development shakes, stirs, and serves, and does it very well.

(Thanks, Ranting Dragon!)

  1. Matt Moran says:

    Any plans for a sequel to this? I’d love to see more about Eldon Ax in particular – she’s delightfully evil. I’d like to see her encounter Shigar again, see if she could try & turn him to the Dark Side…

    • sean says:

      I’m really glad you like Eldon. She’s brilliant (if I do say so myself). I’d love to write more about her but there are currently no plans, alas! Maybe one day. Keep your fingers crossed…

  2. Well i just got this thing for my birth day about a month and a half ago. I FINALLY got to read it and I have fallen face first in love with it. You hooked me in with your unleashed novels sir, and you drew me in even further with this wonderful work! I am sorry that this bit of greatness has been delegated to “Legends”. I would LOVE to see you do more with these characters. Just like you fleshed out Galen and Juno.. you did a wonderful job with Eldon and Shigar! Id love to see you do more star wars stuff sir! maybe you could write a rebels novel?
    any how.. thank you for the awesome awesome read! (loved it so much i had to have it in hard back! i’ve wooled my poor paper back into almost non existance! )
    please write more star wars if you can!