Sean Williams

Have Sword, Will Travel

posted on 1 Feb 2018 at 2:18 am

Out now!


Have Sword, Will Travel, the first book in a new series with Garth Nix. Set in a world where girls can be knights as well as boys, a long-lost enchanted sword sweeps Eleanor and Odo off an adventure not entirely of their making. Spoiler alert: dragon!


“a fast-paced, tongue-in-cheek adventure . . . filled with action and humor”
– Publishers Weekly


“A true-blue errant-knight tale, complete with dragons, sassy enchanted objects, and a destiny that comes before anyone is ready … Hand to just about any middle-grader looking for a swashbuckling adventure.”
– Booklist


“challenges the gender norms of the genre. Lovers of classic fantasy should enjoy this”
– School Library Journal


“En garde for an implied sequel that is already too bloody far away.”
– Kirkus


“With Garth Nix and Sean Williams at the helm, it’s no surprise this laugh-out-loud adventure is one boys and girls will love. Highly recommended for ages 9+!”


Available from Allen & Unwin in Australia (link) and Scholastic (link) in the US and Canada. Also available in a beautiful audio book, narrated by Marisa Calin (sample, buy).


Have Sword, Will Travel will be available in the UK and Ireland in October 2o18.


Let Sleeping Dragons Lie will be available everywhere in October 2018.

Book two, available 2018!

  1. Hello, we love these books! Will there be a book three?
    Thank you,
    Anne and Camille