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Fuzzy Lollies (The Adventures of Canberra Sean)

posted on 9 Oct 2016 at 7:37 am

fuzzy lolly - shauna o'mearaSo! I survived my eminent writer’s residency in the nation’s capital. I even Storified it, and this is the most comprehensive account of my adventures, containing photos, videos, all manner of of things. The tl;dr version goes something like this: it was amazing and exhausting both, with all manner of places to be, things to do, and people to meet. I’m sad it’s over, but also very glad to be home.

Oh, and I rode an electric bike. That was fun.

The month concluded with MCing Conflux 12, which didn’t involve much work for me, really, apart from inventing an entirely new form or Tai Chi – Sci Chi, for sci-fans. Here’s a video, via Boing Boing, for anyone wanting to join this popular new school of martial arts. Thanks to Alan Baxter for helping with the demo, and my instructors at the Tai Chi & Chi Kung Institute for their inspiration.

One other thing that happened at Conflux, during a panel on finding the spark when writing fiction, was my spontaneous “fuzzy lolly theory”, as recounted and illustrated (above) by the wonderful Shauna O’Meara:

“A single good idea is not enough for a story. You need to let it sit and then, like a lolly left under the bed, it gathers concepts like fuzz. Eventually, that fuzz reaches critical mass and things begin to grow out of the lint and dustbunnies – ideas link up, worlds and characters appear and a narrative forms and that is Story.”

I’m never going to look at boiled sweets the same way again!

Here’s me and Shauna below, enjoying a well-earned chill-out at the end of the con.

It was a wonderful experience. I’ll never forget it. Thanks to everyone involved – and Kaaron Warren for talking me into it! I suspect this not the last you’ll hear of Canberra Sean . . .

shauna & me

  1. Sean,

    Are you attending the World Fantasy Convention in Columbus, Ohio the last week in October. I have some wonderful Australian anthologies I’d like to get signed.



    • sean says:

      Hi Richard

      I’m a member of WFC but I’m afraid I won’t be able to attend this year. Sorry, sincerely. Hopefully 2018. Have a great time!


    • http://www./ says:

      Big Hugs to you Mandy hun, I am sure your Dad would be so proud of you, especially how you have written your blog post, so emotional and touching.xxxAs for your hubby PHAHAHAHAHAHA dont all men just ask for it! lol. Your card is beautiful love the detail, thanks for joining us at Inky Impressions. Joey xx

  2. Thanks for letting me know Sean. I’ll catch up with you at some point to get them signed 🙂



  3. sean says:

    That would be good. Soon, I hope!


  4. I was 26 when I got my first cell and I shared it with Jason! Keep in mind that this was 1999 when cell’s were just getting super popular. We bought Sarah a blackberry for her 12th b-day, though….

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