Sean Williams

The Year Ahead

posted on 6 Mar 2015 at 11:20 pm

0145AU_Twinmaker10_Page_3 - smallerI’ve been slow blogging thanks to writing commitments. (Briefly: new series with Garth Nix plus work on a pilot for a TV show. Watch this space!) Thought I’d pop in to outline some of the things coming up.

For starters, Twinmaker stories! There’s a few. For a complete list head via this link to the Twinmakerbooks site, but know that there’s one due in a couple of days. Subscribe to Daily SF to be sure not to miss out!

I have several appearances lined up for 2015, one of them involving a return to Melbourne, a city I’ve neglected in recent years for no good reason. Reading Matters is in May and I’m honoured to be part of it. Come along if you can. I’ll update this site as details of my other appearances firm up.

Most importantly, Fall, the final book in the Twinmaker series (called Hollowgirl outside Australia), will be released in November. Expect a slew of goodies to precede the release, such as an exclusive novella (like “I, Q” from last year), deleted scenes, and more urban myths to whet your palate. It’s the end of the world and you’re all invited!

On top of all this, I’m working on a new book. I can release no details now, but it’s an exciting change of pace for me in lots of ways. I can’t wait to share it with you.

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