Sean Williams

Awesome Ambient 2014

posted on 25 Dec 2014 at 8:05 pm

It’s been an unusual year for me, music-wise.

First, I finally bailed on eMusic.com, for basically doing everything in their power to piss off their non-USian customers. Previously, they were my main source of ambient music, via their recommendation and new release algorithms. Since giving them the flick, I’ve been following a couple of sites and have found a few new favourites that way, but I haven’t quite settled into a new routine. Recommendation from friends are awesome.

Second, I got back into prog in a big way, thanks to Steve Wilson (Porcupine Tree, Storm Corrosion, et al). I am late in discovering his mighty oeuvre, but making up for that in a big way. When I might normally be searching for new music to write to, these days I am buying the next title in line, working chronologically backwards through Wilson’s discography, and settling back to have my mind blown.

Nevertheless, writing continues, and these are the tunes and albums that kept the words flowing in 2014:

Most played tracks from my most played albums

(This year the two lists overlapped. Links in bold.)

Awesome stuff missing from the above listsatie

Music I’m looking forward to trying next

Have a chilled-out silly season and a blissful start to the new year.

To close, here are some “Yule Tidings” from Scott Lawlor.