Sean Williams

Twinmaker 2 out now

posted on 21 Nov 2014 at 1:26 am

The second book in the Twinmaker series, called Crash in Australia and Crashland everywhere else, is on the shelves! I tend not to link to bookstores, virtual or actual, because you know where you like to buy your books, but please do. And if you do, I hope you enjoy it!

And don’t forget, visit Twinmakerbooks.com for all the latest news on the series, plus bonus stories and the occasional rant.

Here’s a blurb, a review, and the wonderful covers.

I am the real Clair Hill and I am telling you the truth. We saved the world from Improvement but that was only the beginning.

When Clair decides to change everything, the system crashes and the earth is plunged into crisis. The d-mat network is broken. People are trapped, injured, dying. It’s the end of the world as Clair knows it — and it’s partly her fault.

“The girl who killed d-mat” is enlisted to track down the rogue AI known as Q, who is now missing. Q is the key to fixing the system, but she isn’t responding to any calls for help, and anyway, can she be trusted?

Caught between pro and anti d-mat activists, in a world on the brink of all-out war, Clair must decide where she stands — and who she’ll stand with — at the end.

Williams explodes the narrative he set up in the first novel with deep philosophical questions about the power of technology. … The story powers on to a relentless, shocking conclusion that will leave readers howling for more.—BOOKLIST

Crashland three covers - smaller