Sean Williams

’tis the season…

posted on 30 Nov 2006 at 7:23 am

… for interviews, apparently.

Steve Wilson of Space Archaeology fame has pinned me down on the issues of Geodesica, Saturn Returns and all manner of interesting subjects. His site is fantastic, too, combining as it does two of my personal favourite things (like Haighs dark chocolate almonds). You should check it out while you’re there.

While it’s always nice to see newer books getting attention, it’s wonderful too when old books keep on keeping on. HarperCollins’ edition of The Prodigal Sun has just gone into its sixth reprint here in Australia, for which I am extremely grateful.

And and:
Today marks the launch (at which I’ll be speaking, briefly) of Adelaide’s newest literary festival: the Fringe WORD festival, which will be unleashed upon the world next March, to coincide with the Adelaide Fringe’s first year as an annual event. This comes hot on the heels of several other relatively recent gathering points for writers and readers that I’ve also been involved in, including the Salisbury Writers’ Festival, the SA Writers’ Festival, and of course the increasingly national Big Book Club/Little Big Book Club events. Perhaps there really is something in the water down here.

(Update: I’ve now uploaded my speech as a comment to this post.)