Sean Williams

absent in black

posted on 18 Nov 2006 at 8:42 am

I’m out of the office for a week or so, and to be honest, I’ll miss it. Sometimes people wonder how I cope with working from home most of the time. My response is simple: I bloody love it. No commuting, fully-stocked kitchen, couch for afternoon naps. What could be better?

Perhaps this: the steampunk laptop and concrete monitor.

(Update: and this clock.)

Somewhere out there is a chair to match. I just know it.

Meanwhile, the promotional machine rolls on.

Grant Stone’s fabulous Faster Than Light radio show has started podcasting interviews. Here are links to the episodes containing halves of one he recorded with me in October: part one and part two. Grant is my favourite interviewer. He always throws me something I couldn’t possibly have seen coming, but only ever in a good way.

Geodesica appears at #1 on Lou Anders’ list of ten books he’d be reading if he only had the time to read.

More soon.