Sean Williams

do wot?

posted on 31 Oct 2006 at 8:56 am

Ken of Nethspace hurled a wide-ranging series of questions at me over the weekend for an interview on Wotmania, a large on-line community that started as a website devoted to Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series and has since grown into several sub-communities, including one that discusses all things speculative. The conversation covers everything from religion to midgets, and includes my thoughts on the recent debate about SF and its audience (as triggered, chronicled and commented upon by Lou Anders). See the tags below for a more comprehensive list of topics.

Ken has posted the interview on his blog, or you can read it at Wotmania.

Meanwhile, The Crooked Letter (which has gone into its fifth reprint here in Australia) and The Devoured Earth are both reviewed over at Australian Specfic In Focus!.

There are a couple of recent developments that I’m not, at present, allowed to talk about. All I can say is that they’re excellent and promise to make my life considerably better and more interesting in coming times. I’ll report here when I can. Stay tuned.