Sean Williams

adelaide low-down (for Cat Sparks)

posted on 25 Oct 2006 at 9:20 am

A friend sent me a link to a neat site where you can input your postcode and see what the people in your area are getting up to.

Plugging in “5000” reveals that those in my neighbourhood are spending 105.18 minutes drinking and 61.4 minutes having sex every day (both over the national average of 100.89 and 59.68).

We enjoy 501 food outlets (vs 23.14), visit 177 sports/health clubs (14.83), and are 3.66% Buddhist (1.26%).

45.18% of the population are single men (30.75%), 42.91% are single women (28.63%), and 10.31% of those who have paired off are living in sin (5.67%).

Not bad for a little old country town, eh?

And people think I come home to write. 🙂