Sean Williams

an accessible cataclysm

posted on 7 Sep 2006 at 10:07 am

It’s been a hectic fortnight on the fantasy frontline.

The Devoured Earth debuted in the Dymocks national fantasy top ten list on its release in Australia. To celebrate its launch, readers in Adelaide are invited to Borders on Friday the 15th of this month, where I’ll be talking about the book and signing anything thrust in front of me.

Publishers Weekly reviewed the beautiful Pyr edition of The Blood Debt thus: “The detail of Williams’s imagined world and his characters’ concern with the moral consequences of their actions compel interest”. (Four books in this series, not three. I’ll keep saying that here in the hope that the collective subconscious will eventually pick it up.)

Two new reviews of The Crooked Letter, here (“If you’re looking for a good fantasy read that is part of the FWtE (fantasy without the elves) genre, check this one out.”) and here (“as dark and gritty as a Miéville novel, as strange as Steven King, and more accessible than either”). I am well chuffed.

Drifting onto the topic of books not yet published, I finished the first draft of The Dust Devils on Sunday. How satisfying it is to whip out a completed ms in just thirty-three days! Kids books are fun. And on a similar note, this morning I finished my first short story in over six years, which I started yesterday. More of a “whew” than a “woohoo”, but I am deeply excited about it. It feels like coming home.