Sean Williams

worldcon & wotf

posted on 11 Aug 2006 at 11:04 am

August is going to be a busy kind of fun. Or a fun kind of busy. I can’t decide which, or if there’s even a difference.

First up is the 22nd Annual Writers of the Future Awards, which will be held with all due ceremony this year at the San Diego Air and Space Museum. I’m very excited to be involved in the WOTF, having won it way back in 1992 and returning lately as the only Australian judge in a truly stellar line-up. (Our very own Cat Sparks was another recent winner.) The night is spectacular, and the days leading up to it confirm everything I’ve learned since my early days of a writer: that you never stop learning. I return wiser from every year’s celebration.

This year, though, I won’t be returning straight away. Worldcon is just around the corner, practically, so it’s off to Anaheim straight afterwards and my first World SF Convention outside Australia. I’m pleased to be on the program, so it won’t be all pink drinks and schmoozing. See my schedule below. I’ll also be catching Gary Numan live in concert (as noted earlier) and trying to keep The Dust Devils on schedule.

Afterwards, it’s off to New York for a few days, then home to promote The Devoured Earth, since it’ll be on the bookshelves around then. But that’s a whole other month, and I’ve yet to get my head entirely around this one yet…

Worldcon schedule:
Wed 3:00 – Kaffeklatsch
Wed 4:00 – Fantasy Doesn’t Have To Be About Kings And Wizards
Thu 4:00 – Changing Human Nature
Fri 2.30 – Pyr: A Look Forward
Fri 5:00 – Autographing
Sat 1:00 – Reading (expect something saucy)

PS. New security restrictions are making me a tad grumpy about the flight across the Pacific but I see no likelihood of changing my plans at the moment. I’ll update here as required.