Sean Williams

parting the fog

posted on 17 Aug 2006 at 3:50 am

Well, here I am in San Diego, brain-fogged from jetlag and a 30-hour flight to get here. Security wasn’t as bad as I had expected. My new itsy-bitsy laptop proved invaluable on many occasions. That may have been the best purchase I made this year.

No insightful thoughts today, but David Louis Edelman is having some on editing reality and self-censorship. My first reading of it made me think, well, so what? This kind of technology is just giving us a new way to do what we already do with some efficiency but sometimes without out conscious awareness, and which we will continue to do whether the software is in place or not–unless we perform some serious and permanent re-wiring of the human mind, which would be a bold leap forward. But then again, you could say exactly the same thing about the internal combustion engine vs walking, so there’s no denying the far-reaching effects it might have on future society. I guess that’s the trick with SF: fundamental shifts in thinking often come and go without people noticing, while the details change everything

There’s also a great review of The Crooked Letter here.

“There’s nothing new under the sun. At least that’s how it sometimes feels with regards to fantasy of the epic variety. However, Australia’s prolific Sean Williams seems to genuinely scamper down untrodden roads in The Crooked Letter.

“Mythologies and religious beliefs are melded and warped in a world not unlike our own in many ways. Narration is divided through the separate realms, but manages to weave itself into a wonderful story. The prose is eloquent and the dialogue is flawless.”

William Lexner also has great things to say about Greg Bridges’ cover and Lou Anders’ work at Pyr. Fantastic all round.