Sean Williams

friends are electric

posted on 28 Jul 2006 at 7:54 pm

So Jonathan Strahan rings me today and tells me that Gary Numan is playing a gig just up the road from the Worldcon hotel the same week we’re there. This is a Big Deal for me, and not just because I’ve recently finished a book that relies significantly on the lyrics of a certain postpunk-then-electro-now-goth legend. Needless to say, I will be buying a ticket.

In newsy stuff: it’s been a good week or two. Rob Stephenson published the world’s first review ofThe Devoured Earth in aurealisXpress (he liked it; see below). I expect this to be the first of many reviews getting the number of books in that series wrong. 🙂 Also, Stephen Davenport posted reviews of Geodesica in The Independent and The Program (ditto; and ditto). Being compared to Asimov is, arguably, worth another smiley.

It’s also been a good week for finishing mss, with drafts of The Changeling and Saturn Returns in their final-final stages. Both will be delivered early next week so I can get on with the former’s sequel. All original thoughts are being pumped into these projects, so I apologise for the blandness of this LJ in recent weeks.

Lastly, some other snippets of good news: both The Blood Debt and Geodesica: Descent have been reprinted by HarperCollins. Also, the wonderful people at Arts SA have generously thrown some cash at the Broken Land series, for which I’m very grateful. And a movie production company has been in touch about one of my older short stories–a possibility I refuse to lose any sleep over, but will report on here in due course…


“Slick, fast and so laden with conspiracy you can’t help but be drawn into its depths. Williams delivers a punch like few can and The Devoured Earth certainly delivers. Do yourselves a favour and snap up all three of these books, you will be impressed – I was.”

“The storytelling duo of Dix and Williams is one of the best-loved and most important in modern science fiction. Their characters inhabit sophisticated social structures in intricately elegant worlds. … Rich and suspenseful, Geodesica is an intimate and moving portrait of what it means to be human. Vividly characterised, full of hard-edge science, the duology is a vivid illustration of the impact of evolution, science and technology on humanity’s eventual fate. They are deeply involving novels that should not be missed.”

“Reminiscent in some ways of Isaac Asimov’s Foundation novels, Geodesica is worthy of anyone’s deliberation and enjoyment. Williams and Dix create intriguing characters and write with immense panoramic strokes. Their prose gushes with vitality, philosophical conjecture and intelligent argument. Even when the landscapes are alien the human condition in all its majesty and decay is fully explored… Imaginative and unsettling, Geodesica is an exceptional work that broaches political and theoretical questions in a compelling manner. Like all Williams and Dix collaborations the prose is concisely energetic… Fans of The Orphans Trilogy and Evergence novels will be delighted; there are heroes, space battles, technology, political intrigue and masses of entertainment… Read Geodesica! Rebellion comes at a price!”