Sean Williams

words escape me

posted on 5 May 2006 at 1:14 pm

I’ve spent the morning fixing links and adding material to the Excerpts section of my web site. The new material includes opening chapters up to and including the first book of The Broken Land, my kids’ fantasy series, which is due in 2007. I’ll add something from sexy space opera Saturn Returns when it’s a little more polished.

And in other news, the April/May 2006 edition Internet Review of SF contains a brilliant plug for Daikiaju! Giant Monster Tales, Robert Hood and Robin Pen’s superb anthology. My contribution to the book is small, but Ross Hamilton, IROSF’s reviewer, noted it thus:

“Poetry is not what I would automatically link to daikaiju stories, and poetry from a best-selling fantasy author such as Sean Williams for some reason seemed even less likely. Yet Williams has provided some delightful haiku poems that even caught the attention of a non-appreciator of poetry such as myself. The combination of this Japanese art form with the Japanese-inspired monsters complemented the collection nicely.”

I suppose it’s not such a stretch to think that best-selling fantasy (the giant monster of the genre) and haiku would be mutually exclusive. 🙂 The sublime meets the ridiculous again, and I am well pleased.