Sean Williams

Hi ho, hi ho…

posted on 12 Apr 2006 at 5:07 pm

…it’s off to Conjure and Supanova I go. I’ll just post one piece of news and one review before shutting up shop for a couple of weeks (probably).

The review first, from The Age last weekend:

“If you’re going to write decent sci-fi, the first thing you need is convincing technobabble. Sean Williams and Shane Dix – two Adelaide based overlords of the genre – have got it down to a fine art. Geodesica: Descent is the second instalment of a two-part space-opera and it doesn’t dally around with recapitulations or synopses of what has gone before. Set centuries from now, humanity has colonised space and evolved an exotic array of higher forms: the Palmers, intergalactic pilots who can interface with tech; and Exarchs, system rulers capable of spreading their consciousness over many bodies. The annihilation of two star systems by a rogue AI sees three rebels entering an alien artefact, dubbed Geodesica, in pursuit of vengeance. The novel is a racy, well-written and ornately imagined genre epic.”

Nice. 🙂 A tight summary too, hence my copying of the review in its entirety.

And the news: I’ve been commissioned to write a story for Steve Savile‘s Dr Who anthology, Destination: Prague. This is immensely exciting for me, since the first tie-in novels I ever read were Who. In fact one of my first stabs at writing was set in that universe (thankfully that effort is lost forever). But most of all, I’m pleased that the aliens featuring in the story were invented by my pseudo-son Sebastian, who draws a mean mutant warrior-elephant. Three other Australians were also commissioned for the project, so it’s going to have a dangerously Antipodean flavour. I am stoked!

‘Bye for now.