Sean Williams

Brisbane PS

posted on 26 Apr 2006 at 11:07 am

I forgot to mention in my last entry the opening of “Imagine… A Display On Speculative Fiction” at The University of Queensland and the launch of the Fryer Library‘s collection project, “Unreal Collections”. Kim Wilkins and I both spoke at the launch, and both feature in the display. It’s truly amazing.

If you’re an Australian speculative fiction writer, I urge you to consider donating your notes, papers, drafts etc, to the collection. It’s got to go somewhere, right? Allowing a facility like the this to preserve them will ensure that a valuable piece of our culture won’t disappear forever. I guarantee that it’ll be well looked after.

Mind you, it’s a bit terrifying to know that anyone can wander in and take a look at stuff I would never dream of publishing. But I guess that’s part of the thrill, which is why I haven’t asked the library to restrict access. Being a writer is all about vulnerability. The day I start feeling comfortable, I know I’ll start writing crap. Or maybe I’m just a dreadful show-off. 🙂