Sean Williams

a good start

posted on 13 Jan 2006 at 11:13 am

2006 gets off to a great start with the publication of my 20th novel, Geodesica: Descent, and the reviews are terrific.

Harriet Klausner :
“Sean Williams and Shane Dix…are great world builders, their prose lush, visual and so descriptive that the audience can actually picture it, especially Geodesica. There are many surprise twists so that the audience never becomes bored as they peruse this enthralling space opera.”

Paul di Filippo, scifi.com:
“Williams and Dix have a flair for combining slam-bang adventures, intriguing characters and cutting-edge scientific and philosophical speculations, resulting in books that elevate your adrenaline and your intellect. This latest series is no exception to their reign.”

Russell Letson, Locus:
“These are not writers who are content to let us curl up with a cozy tale of exploding suns or galactic empire-busters. They know that the winds between the stars probably blow cold and that the significant half of “post-human” comes in front of the hyphen. It makes for an astringent kind of entertainment, but one that sticks in the head after the bubbles of lesser brands have evaporated.”

This edition was published by Ace in the US. The Australian edition will be released by HarperCollins in April. An Adelaide venue, The Jade Monkey, gets a guest spot in the book, so watch this space for news of a party to celebrate.

Happy new year to all!

PS. To make things even sweeter, I finished the first draft of The Devoured Earth last night. Hurrah!