Sean Williams

Santa’s (sad) sack #1

posted on 6 Dec 2005 at 5:41 pm

Herein a few newsworthy items I’ve accrued in recent weeks but haven’t done anything about, partly out of laziness, mostly out of not having enough time, thanks to

(1) The Devoured Earth, which became half a book a couple of days ago. That is, I’m halfway through the expected word length of around 150k. It’s been fun, which has come as an immense relief, as it’s the last in the Books of the Cataclysm and if I wasn’t enjoying it I’d be worried that no one else would be either. The book before it,

(2) The Hanging Mountains, hit the shelves in Adelaide today, a hefty tome with a beautiful Greg Bridges cover. The cast gets larger with every book, but Sal and Shilly and Skender are still there. I can’t promise that I won’t kill them off at some point, though, especially after the bloodbath of

(3) The Crooked Letter, which went into its fourth reprint this week. The US edition is currently being laid out ready for its publication in hardcover by Pyr in April next year. The second book in the series, The Blood Debt, is due out in the States in October. That’ll make three US hardcovers in one year, thanks to

(4) Geodesica, recently picked up in omnibus form by the SF Book Club for a February release. Both books will soon be reviewed in Locus. Watch this space.

(5) Good news comes in fives, but ways of linking them don’t. Oh well. The final snippet concerns my Masters in Creative Writing from Adelaide University, which I seem to have passed. And passed with a High Distinction, what’s more. That makes up for lots of things. I’m very pleased–and looking forward to wearing a silly hat and gown at the ceremony in a couple of weeks, and finally being able to put letters after my name. Woohoo! (The Changeling‘s ultimate fate remains in limbo. Will report here in due course.)

There may be more news before the end of the year. Using “#1” in the subject line definitely implies a certain hopefulness. I will keep my fingers crossed, but won’t be disappointed if there isn’t. It’s been a good month. I’m grateful.